Temperatures too high!

I'm currently running the following:

Frontech 400W PSU
Intel 946GZIS mobo
Intel C2D E4300 @ 1.8Ghz
iBall i612 Cabinet
No 120/90/80 mm fan. (Guess my assembler made off with the 80mm fan, when I got the PC 2 years ago)
No PCI card.

My Core temperatures on full load, as tested using Prime95 & 3 utilities are:

On 100% load
SpeedFan: 75C / 76C
CoreTemp: 73C / 73C
RealTemp: 65C / 66C

On Idle 8% load
SpeedFan: 58C / 61C
CoreTemp: 56C / 54C
RealTemp: 49C / 51C

Other info:
My CPU is placed slightly above ground in a compartment, below the desk, in front of wall. PSU is at top. If I pull out the CPU from it's space the temperatures lower by about 3C. I have even removed my left cover of the cabinet & cleaned the PSU fan & CPU fan of the dust.

My CPU placement:

(L) Left-Side view (R) Front view

Any ideas why this is happening. Room temp can be 27-30C.
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  1. Well, they were the core temperatures, SpeedFan showed them to be higher than CPU temp. I only wonder what if I had installed a 5700 series GPU! My CPU would be fried before you could say "toaster".
    Thanks btw, I do photoshop; paint was fun. Plus I had nothing better to do. :P
  2. ct1615 said:
    why not get a 80mm fan?

    Coz I'm changing the rig. If it weren't for the Commonwealth Games here in Delhi, my motherboard's shipment wouldn't have been restricted & I'd be typing this from a Phenom II - X6 in a CM Chassis with 2x 120mm fans. :??: ~Sigh~ Life is mean.
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