Posible Ram error

Hey, I've got a problem with my PC, and I think my memories give the errors.Sometimes I get artefacts and after few seconds the screen goes black or blue screen and the only option is to restart the PC. And even when I restart the PC, the artefacts continue to appear. When I run memtest I get all sorts of artefacts while.
Hope you will give me some opinions. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Sounds like a gpu error to me.
    Update your graphics drivers.
    For ram download Memtest86+ 4.10
    burn iso image
    boot from disc
    test one stick at a time.
  2. I tried memtest86, got weird artefacts and then a blue screen and now my PC still gives artefacts but wont get passed the windows boot screen.I have Ati 3870x2 and the most recent driver.
  3. I would add/remove dump all ati
    Download Driversweeper
    run in safemode
    check off ATI
    Click analyse
    click clean
    reboot normal
    install last stable version of CCC as Admin
  4. I cant do anything because my pc wont pass through *Loading windows* screen cuz of the artefacts wich freezes the pc and gives me BSOD.
  5. Before all this I tested my video card with Fur Mark and didnt gave me any error or artifact, and when I tested my memory with memtest86, the screen started to spam with artifacts...my question is... can RAM memory cause artifacts?
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