New SSD coming and want to make old hdds storage.(Advice plz)

I wanted to get some advice and make sure i am approaching this correctly. I am currently running 2x320g hdd's in raid with dual boot os's that are seperated on each drive.

When my 128g Samsung 830 ssd gets here I plan to:

Uninstall the old HDD's after saving what i want. Installing ssd and putting it into ahci mode. Fresh install of Win 7 pro. reinstalling old hdd's and formating them for storage use.

I am trying to do this without cloning becouse of the issues I have allready run into with deleting the older version of windows and trying to get older hdd's to run in ahci-NIGHTMARE!!

I know a little but am no guru.

Am I going about this the easy and safe way?
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  1. That's what I would do.
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