Temperature difference between cores? i7 930

I have an i7 930 overclocked to 3.3GHz on a Corsair H50.

My idle temps average at 38.

But I notice there is always about a 5 degree difference between cores #1 and 3 and cores #0 and #2?

I've been through three H50s and all of them have had the same issue. I thought it was normal but now I am starting to question....

Is this normal?
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  1. I have my i7-920 at 3.4GHz and have the same thing with two idle at 37 & anothers at 33 or so. As dilankar2007ind said, it is normal and there isn't anything to worry about.
  2. thanks guys. i am no longer concerned. but it still pains me to see all my cores in the 30s except that one damn core at 42 degrees. x___x
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