Asus p8p67 pro

Hey guys ,

Can anyone tell me how the 3 PCIe 2.0 function?

From what i read ,

The first 2 PCIe if i were to crossfire it , it would be x8/x8? or would it be x16/x8?

What if i were to use the first and the last PCIe slot? would it still be the same?

Thanks in advance !
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  1. The blue and white PCIe x16 slots share 16 PCIe lanes.

    If you have one graphics card, put it in the blue slot and it will get all 16 lanes.

    If you have two graphics cards, put them in the blue and white slots. The blue slot will get eight lanes and the white slot will get eight lanes.

    The black PCIe x16 slot only has four PCIe lanes connected to it. You shouldn't use that for a graphics card at all.
  2. I concur with Leaps.
  3. Then which motherboard would u recommend ? because i wanna crossfire my hd 6970 with both having artic cooler xtreme plus on them . and the first 2 slots of pcie is too close.

    I need a motherboard that have at least 3 pci-e slots so i can put them on the first and last slots.

    Thank you .
  4. The P8P67 Pro board should work just fine. It has triple-spacing between PCIe x16 slots. I don't think those coolers would require quad-spacing between the slots -- that would be too big. You won't be able to use any other slots on the board though, as the coolers will cover all of the rest up.
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