Dynamic spanned volume failed

We have a drive N on our server that is spanned over 4 disks. These volumes are showing "failed"

However, all the disks under the server manager are showing "online"

we are on Windows 2007 Enterprise Server

1. Have we lost all the data?

2. is there a way to reactivate these volumes & retain all the data?

3. as an immediate action we have created a new volume with the same drive letter & are restoring the data from backup. in the meantime, we like to reactivate the failed volumes & recover all the data on this. is there a way to do thi.

please help us

cheers philip
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  1. Ok - need a lot more information on what exactly viz. hardware you're running.

    This sounds like a RAID - what kind? Which hardware RAID controller?

    Depending on your RAID, data loss is possible. If the individual disks are healthy, then its possible something corrupted the RAID volume, though that seems unlikely.

    Again, MORE information please.
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