Unknown Debug code on P67a-ud7-b3

Hello there,

In case you didn't know, I've been having some wonderful problems recently >>

This is not why I'm here (but feel free to step in), the Debug code on this MB used to say "FF" whenever it passes post, inside windows etc and even when all the problems in the above link happened to me it stays "FF" and doesn't show any hardware error codes, but today, I noticed it changed to an unknown symbol which isn't in the manual and I don't know how the hell do I type it to search on google.

This is what it looks like exactly right now>>

Any ideas what it might be or is it just the MB hopefully dying?
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  1. Hi there,

    What MB are you now using? Prior one on past post was a GA-P67A UD7 Rev B3?
    There are led lights on the UD7's and some on high end ASUS boards.

    Check your manual which lists all the Post Card error codes. They run from hex 01 to FF.
    I would guess sections of the LED is failing or not working, but with missing "sections" your illustration can well be FF.
    Guessing it Posts OK and you can boot up into Windows with out any problems.

    I like the "Post card" error LEDS because it stops with the Post Code at the point your system is having trouble, like the video card or RAM, or controller initialization. Should be on more enthusiast MB's.
  2. It's GA-P67A UD7 Rev B3.

    I already checked the manual and it didn't list that code at all.

    I'm guessing it's failing as well, anyway no worries, I already dismantled the entire system, going to send that MB to the shop and probably sell everything else, I'm shouldn't have gone back to intel, I forgot how nightmarish it was, now I wish I could change my nickname, I don't want anything "Inside" anymore...

    I was actually excited about this feature as well, I was thinking it would be very helpfull when troubleshooting system problems, but unfortunately it didn't help me 1 bit in my problems, I guess it's only useful when other parts of hardware are faulty, not when the MB itself is.

    You can close this now.
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