Does a sound card affect SLI ?

Hi guys.

Maybe a stupid question, and it was part of another topic. But it have kinda stuck.

If you add a sound card at a p55 motherboard running SLI, will it affect it anyhow, or will they still run at same speed :?
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  1. Sound card will take some load off the CPU. I get smoother frames, with a sound card installed.
  2. I am assuming that you are asking about if its PCI E wouldn't it take up a lane of bandwidth and slow down the video cards. Maybe this might happen with another device like a TV card or a raid card which can eat up a good bit of bandwidth but even those devices that could use up enough bandwidth will not be being used while gaming. And to answer your question a sound card can only help not hurt. It will take some load off the processor there for giving the GPU's more processor muscle to use.
  3. Yeah you're absolutely right, I was worried it would take up the PCI E bandwidth and slow the rest of the system down. I've read that e.g. SLI in some cases will disable USB3 and SATA3 if the motherboard supports that, and in some cases it will eventually lower the speed to the GPU's (but don't know if that's true).

    Thanks for you answers guys!
  4. HardOCP ran a SLI test not to long ago, and found that even running a pair of 480's in SLI in x4/x4 didn't cause a loss in performance.

    Trust me, we have PLENTY of badwidth over PCI-E.

    Nevermind that PCI-E ports are INDEPENDENT; sharing resources was an issue with PCI, but not PCI-E.
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