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I know this is a low budget as far as GPU's go for nowadays, but I'm just about tapped on this rig I'm getting ready to build now (based on a Core i5 750) for right now I just need a descent card.My use now is movies & videos that kinda stuff. I would like to intro into some PC gaming, sure I had an xbox and played PS2, but to tell the truth I get kinda lost in a 52"lcd I'm sure PC gaming is a little different ? So for right now I guess I could start with some basic games, (any suggestions?) ( do I need controllers ? ) if I dig the play I can always upgrade the card. Sorry for the long post ;)
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  1. HD5770
  2. Oop's I forgot this my, Monitor is an Acer 22'' wide screen 1680x1050 also I was looking at this card
  3. For your resolution HD4850, HD5750 or GTS250 which are all similar in performance would be good. HD5770 is the next level up and with the other HD5xxx the newest generation of cards.
  4. Thanks for your help rolli! Well if you think HD5770 is the way to go maybe I should go for it,I found these two cards that with rebates there about 60 bucks more then the Vision Tek HD 4858 that I linked above, let me know what you think ? And thanks again !
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    Don't look at the old tech like HD4850, go with HD5770 like rolli59 said above, it more future proof, less heat and less power consumption...
    About your options, both of cards are good, but the XFX offer lifetime warranty if you registered it. :)
  6. As said, go for the XFX 5770
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  8. XFX has a 1gig 4870 for $139 after rebates. Runs rings around the 5770 per se. You'll not get DX11 but it's not a lot that you will really miss while gaming.
  9. Well, lets be clear, the 4870 doesn't run rings around a 5770, though it is on average, a little better, most enthusiasts would be comfortable putting both cards in the same tier of performance. Once one takes into account the power usage differences, as well as DX11 (though I personally don't find current DX11 performance compelling enough for it to be a deciding factor) those minor performance differences sorta iron themselves out.
  10. Well, let's be clear... ahem, re-read my post... "per se"....... and running DX11 with that card would help cripple it's performance, per se.....
  11. Sorry dude, "per se" is not good enough if you are trying to back up a statement that is, on the surface, contradictory to common knowledge. You have to remember that people ask questions because they don't know the answer. Anyone who would understand what you meant by "per se" probably wouldn't have to ask the original question.

    Also, I didn't disagree with you, but decided to clarify for the OP, since he may not been as up to date in GPU technology as those of use who spend time trolling the PC enthusiast communities.
  12. Ok now I'm confused ....and your right, I'm not up to date in GPU technology. This is a new build for me but not my first, the other 2 were just kinda of thoughtless , like run into Frys a grab some stuff kinda builds, This one is a lot more important to me, and a lot more cash ! Just trying to do it the first time and enjoy it hopefully for many years. So ya all these GPU numbers are tough to understand, I liked the thought of Direct X 11 and the fact its new and part of W7 ?

    So you tell me,as I'm far from being an Enthusiast (maybe someday !)
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