Is a-power ak 800w list of eup ready power supplies

is the a-power ak 800w power supply part of the list of eup ready psus
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  1. If this is the one you mean:
    it looks fecal to me. I doubt it's good for anywhere near 800W, and is inefficient.
  2. why would it be inefficient i want to know if its eup ready or not
  3. ^ Wahh????

    That is a no name brand PSU, I wouldn't trust my hardware on it. Get a quality unit from Seasonic, Antec, OCZ, Corsair, PC power & Cooling, or XFX.
  4. where can i get a list of eup/erp ready power supplies
  5. EUP isnt a common certification for PSU's to get, its a pretty recent one, the only one i have seen it on was the Antec HCP 1200 jonnyguru reviewed, and on its own is pretty meaningless. Why you are using that as your determining factor im not sure. As Shadow said, just pick up a good quality unit from Seasonic, Antec, Corsair, or XFX and you really dont need to worry if its marked EUP or not, it still would have passed easily it just wasted tested for it.
  6. i dont have anymore money and im just waiting on my graphics card i have an asrock m3a770de eup ready and 6-core ready mobo an amd phenom 2 x4 945 denub 3.0ghz 2gigs of corsair platinum ddr3 1333mhz dual channel 1tb western digital 7200rpm 64mb cache sata hdd a hybrid looking alienware case which im using now and waiting on an asus radeon hd 4870 1gb 256 bit gddr5 graphics card and im wondering if the a-power ak 800w psu will be okay for this setup
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