Phenom II X4 955 BE [ How long will it last ]

Hey Guys,

I am currently running an Athlon II x2 250 in my PC, but I want to upgrade to a quad core processor. I am wondering if the 955 will be available for retail purchase much longer with both the 965 and 970 version of the processor both "replacing" the older 955. Does it seem reasonable to at least hold out until black friday ( cyber monday ) to buy a new quad core for my system. Or will the 955 disappear from retail places like newegg any day now.

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  1. what's 'cyber monday?....anyhow, if they do 'replace it' you willprobably find the 965 is reduced in price to occupy that price point
  2. I dont see them phasing out the 955, they are big on the chip harvesting and they would much prefer to sell it as high up as they can. They phase some of the lower ones out for slightly faster versions at the same price, if they phase out the 955 then they have to drop the price on the 965 to cover the price point cutting into their margins.
  3. Thanks guys, thats what I was thinking too, the 965 will just end up replacing the 955

    btw link to cyber monday
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