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Hi everyone.

i have a few questions about this build.


mother board


has anyone had any troubles with that set up,

plus as for gfx card i really dont know what to go for.something like a ati 5850 or something from the gtx 400 series
as i do game alot with the new games out.

if you find anything wrong with this set up,please do suggest alt.
i have £1000 to spend.

no need for a case or monitor or psu or hd
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  1. Fill out form in sticky, link in sig.

    If this is for gaming, you getting an i7-9xx CPU is a waste of money.
  2. Indded, for gaming:
    i5 760
    Asus P7P55D E Pro
    4gb G Skill Eco 1600mhz CL7 RAM

    For graphics card go with 5870 for single card solution, or if you are happy with 2 cards then go with 2 x GTX 460 (1gb)
  3. You really need to click this and fill it out.
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