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Win 7 change C to f and f to c

Last response: in Systems
August 4, 2010 11:38:49 AM

The drive marked C doesn't want to give up its status. But I want to interchange c andf f in win 7. And I want to the new c to be the boot drive etc. can you halp please?

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August 4, 2010 4:36:26 PM

Here is an article that describes the method to change... This is only recommended when something has changed with the drive letter on C.

C is where the OS is installed and truly your best option is to do a reinstall of the OS and select your current Drive F as the primary drive and have C become a secondary drive. In your bios, just make sure to select the right HDD drive to boot from.
August 5, 2010 5:06:58 AM

To: Tecmo34,
I seem to spend half my life waiting for computers to do thins. Has to change.
Thanks for your insight. I guess I didn't supply enough info front end.
I already had win 7 on 3 hdd's (ix1000; 2x500) the latter, same make and prima facie identical, under which condition o.s show identical (as twins) details. Win O/S was on one of the 500's. Bought a 4th hdd, a solid state 128m ,which goes like a scalded cat, on which to instal Win7 Ult. Emptied out o/s drive to a directory on the hdd 1,000 where I was going to doctor it to remove o/s and Acronis it back to the now clean and reformatted 5oo hdd. That leaves me free to reinstal win 7 Ult on the (Solid State) drive, which would be known as "C". Big Mistake! I said both the 2x500 hdd's were prima facie identical. Well, strangely enough that was correct as I "doctored" the wrong 500 hdd.
Present Position:
The 1x1000 and 1x500 hdd's are normal except as stated below; the former boot disk is still bootable and is still marked "C", I have installed on the 128 hdd and want to boot off it and can and to use its grunt to run the whole show (I would leave dormant the o/s on old hdd), but it is still "C". I did some fiddling with Win Computer Managment, the Win 7 Disk, which I advanced to 64bit in the process, and during boot time I have the option to boot of either F or C. The system will not allow the Letter on the O/S hdd to change while the machine is booted and, of course, when it's idle can't get at it. 3 hdd's are SATA disks and I can't take out F hdd, into another machine and change the letter, because I haven't got the hardware.
After exhaustive searching I found out how to swap them through the Registry and it worked; but, low and behold, the machine threw the setting and I'm back where I started from.
So that's where I'm up to.
I would consider doing a full reinstallation (big job with all the photos, music etc) but with Acronis the transferee disk must be dedicated soley to the new writing and I haven't got it left in me start at that. Seems best to skin "C" , reformat it and to do a complete reinstallation on F. (Just thought of that!)
Bye the Computer M'ment: F - Healthy (System,Page File,Active, Prime Partition); D- Healthy: (Page File,Active, Primary Partition) E is the same as "D"; "C" Hatched - (Healthy,Boot, PageFile,Crash Dump, Primary Partition).
If you are still awake, you might like to give me the benefit of your thoughts now. Thanks a million, treacy
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