My pc crashes when I insert graphics card.

As the title suggest, when I put a graphic card on the pcie x16 slot the resolution changes but it doesn't recognize the card. After the driver gets installed (automatically by windows update) the computer gives me a BSOD. It all started around 2-3 years ago when I bought a nvidia 9400gt. I worked fine but after a year or so the pc started to turn off randomly. I ignored it as best as I could until windows 7 came out. When It did, I tried the beta and it went through all the way to the end. Then after the final reboot it said something an error and undoes the whole thing. It didn't even work with a bought copy. Not so long ago I managed to install it by removing the graphic card (wich I thought was the problem) and it worked. I'm going build a pc in a few months but the bad intel accelerator prevents me from playing even torchlight. I tried using a geforce 6200 turbocache I found to help me bear with my pc. Unfortunately the same thing happens. The geforce 9400 even worked on another pc just fine when I tried it. Im now convinced that my pc is the verdict. I'm pretty sure that it is a hardware problem due to the fact that I reformatted my hard drive. Anyways I would greatly appreciated if someone gives me some advice. It sucks to have an intel card as your only card.
Here are some specs of dx diagnostics( the computer was bought prebuilt)

Manufacturer: Powerspec
Processor: Intel Pentium 3.00GHz
Memory: 2048MB RAM
Card name: Intel 82945G Express

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. If the PC randomly turned off, it's either the PSU or the mobo. I had a similar problem and it eventually escalated to the point of the PC not booting up at all. For me it was a damaged mobo, but a bad PSU has the same symptoms (BSOD, shutdowns). Also the fact that it's prebuilt means that it's going to have the cheapest, weakest PSU possible, so I'm leaning more towards that.
  2. Thanks for the response. I forgot to mention that when I got the gt9400 I also bought a new psu and a stick of ram. The 6200 turbocatche doesnt need that much watts right? The one I got was 500wats. Not sure about the mobo, will do some research on that.

    this is the psu , after seeing the feedback on it Im starting to think it can be that too.
  3. yeah, thats a really awful PSU. even if its not the cause of the issue (which i suspect it is) i would recommend replacing it immediately.

    a PSU is the most important part of a system, in the one place no to skimp. if it goes bad, it will take the rest of your system with it.

    grab a corsair vx450 and your PC will be much better off. it will most likely fix your crashing problem too.
  4. PSU is the culprit.Get a new one.I prefer Corsair, Antec or CoolerMaster.
  5. I don't want to bore you with all the problems I have seen over the years that were directly caused by the PSU, but I have seen many, many of them. A cheap PSU can cause all sorts of problems that will have you scratching your head and cussing. From GPU's not working correctly to memory errors and hard disk failures. They can really cause you a lot of grief. If you ever, ever, for any reason think you want to start upgrading, and especially if you are upgrading a GPU, it is a smart move to invest in a decent PSU.
  6. Well I tried other psus on it recently and I got the same results. I forgot to clarify that when I removed the video card and intalled windows 7 the random resets stopped. I guess the mobo is the problem. Migh as well wait for my new pc instead of buying a new mobo. I appreciate everyone who heped, thanks guys.
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