Random Blue Screen of Death

I am getting a single recurring blue screen of death, it happens sometimes when I'm gaming and sometimes when almost nothing at all is happening. Basically want your experienced advice if that is possible, please.

The Bug Check Code is 0x00000101

I'll include the .dmp file here.

Right I'm sorry but I don't know how to attach a file, or how to make a .dmp file a .txt file so I just uploaded the .dmp here:


Thanks in advance.
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  1. Use memtest 86+ to test your memory. Full systems specs would be useful, including power supply (maker and wattage).
  2. I shall do that, but are there no giveaways in the dump file of what it may be?
  3. I have no problems with my memory, any other suggestions guys?

    Also I have a Athlon II X4 620 @ 3.1GHz.
    AMD Radeon HD 5750 512MB
    1TB Hitachi HDD
    4GB Kingston DDR2 RAM

    As for the power supply, it is an unbranded 550W power supply.
  4. Unbranded? That, my friend, is most likely the culprit. It's pretty similar to my previous experience. After exchanging the PSU, the BSODs simply fly away...
  5. ^Well, that pretty much broke my argument. But I guess you're right. The OP's case might be different from mine. Try to narrow down the problem by doing the easiest and most harmless solutions first before attempting the costly ones.

    I can swear my case is a PSU issue though, since the PSU can't be used when paired with my new Atom system. After I get a new one, it works. Maybe it's already time for the PSU to R.I.P... :lol:
  6. If you did a Memtest and all is well i would look to the gpu drivers as the next culprit.
    Run Driversweeper in safe mode after uninstalling your gpu suite in add/remove
    Re-install drivers
    if that doesn't do the trick clear/reset your cmos.
  7. @malmental and dipankar: Out of curiosity and embarrassment, I conduct some research on the PSU to BSOD relation. It turns out that a very crappy, light weight PSU (maybe made of scrap metal), like my old one, actually can result in BSOD.

    This is what i found out (quoted from a website called Squidoo or something, I only copied the important part):

    "Let's touch on gaming for a minute. I have seen time and time again, that a user thinks they can slap any old video card in their system and think that any power supply can handle it. This isn't true at all. If you power supply cannot put the required amps and watts that is being demanded from your hardware, the power supply will cause a system halt (blue screen for Window's users.) Or, may even just abruptly turn the system off. Be sure you have plenty of wattage and amps (especially on the 12 volt rails.)"

    Which explains why my old PSU worked with my old P4 platform, yet failed on the new AMD setup (maybe due to the inability to supply adequate and stable voltage), and finally died on my Atom.

    Again, this maybe not the case with the OP's current issue, but it's worth considering. With the possibility that 550W PSU is just as crappy as my 450W PSU with rated pure power of, you're not gonna believe this, 230W. That's only 50% of efficiency! Well, everybody make mistakes. Mine is fatal, but fortunately, the PSU didn't bring my AMD setup down with it. :P

    EDIT: small typo and addressees
  8. Quote:
    damasvara - anything is possible and it might very well be the issue and if your right then cool.
    I personally would perform all other tests/diagnostics and then the power supply would be the last possible cause.
    just simple troubleshooting.

    ^+1 I'm not looking for justification or saving face. Just simply giving alternative insight for the OP's issue. I agree with the simple troubleshooting as first priority. It would be a real pain if after all the trouble, it turns out to be, for example, just a loose connection.

    I do, however, made a mistake by pointing the PSU as the cause of the problem due to my past experience. Fixed that now. :D
  9. Right thanks a lot everyone for the help but I did some research on my BSOD and have now fixed it. It was that darned Daemon Tools/Alcohol 120% driver not liking my 64-bit Windows 7. Apparently it's a not too uncommon problem.

    Thank you so much for the help though, I know I can count on you guys for further help :)
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