What graphics cards are compatible with ecs nettle3

ive recently upgrade my comp for gaming to 64 bit and replaced the 3gb it came with to 8gb and with my amd phenom x4 core running at 2.4 ghz my pc is running super fast

now im looking to upgrade my 3 year old nvidia Geforce 8500 gt graphics card so i can really put all that ramm to good use and get some good hd graphics and my motherboard only has one PCI Express x16 slot well all the good graphic cards i look at all say video card profile is double and i didn't know what that meant, a friend told me it means they use two slots instead of one so does that mean i cant use these cards since i have only one pci express x16 slot not two?
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  1. Most newer cards will take up the space of their slot and the slot below them since they are 2 slots wide, however there is still only one connection on these cards so you will be fine as long as you have some extra room below your PCIex slot.

    If you have a small case or another card below it then you may have to find a single slot solution, but more than likely you should be fine with either type.
  2. OMG thx you ive been searching the web for like 4 hours trying to figure this out but now that you have solved that problem

    im looking for help picking a GPU

    heres my system spec = windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
    cpu=amd phenom 9500 2.2 ghz Ps= dynex model dx-400WPS fan controlled atx12v power supply
    4 x 2 gb sticks of 240 dimm ddr2 pcs-8400 ramm
    screen res=1920x1080

    i want to get one online as soon as possible
    im lookin to spend about $200 dollar's after rebates
    im really only interested in updating for games not looking to runns crysis at full setting but as close as possible for my price range
    i currently have the geforce 8500gt 256mb ddr2
    im thinking of MAYBE overclocking in the future and dont really care about sli or crossfire because i only have one PCIex slot

    any feed back would be much appreciated thx
  3. we need more info about your PSU, can you give us more detail? Amps on each rail?
    but i guess you'll need a new PSU too, 400W is low PSU for a mid/high end card...
  4. how would i go about finding this info theres alot of info on my psu that i cant make heads or tails of like
    dc output +5v=28a red /+12v1=14a yellow /+3.3v=30a orange/pg gary/ +12v2=15a yellow-black/-12=0.3a blue/ +5vsb=2.5a purple/
    output watts 400w .+5v ,+3.3v : 120w
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