CPU Upgrade Help?

Ive searched the specs for the mobo i have, and gotten a few different results. Seems there was a gateway version that was older and only supported below 89 w processors. Luckily, ive got a new emachines, and ive read that some people have got a 99watt quad core am3 to work but the gateway specs say only AM2.

This is my system:

With a few things added:
700 w Psu
Video Card
8Gb of ram.

Ive found my Cpu to be a bottleneck to the whole system, crippling some of my most intense software. So its time for an upgrade. Im looking at a Phenom II X4 at 125w that i would love to get, but i dont want to damage my board or buy a processor that wont even work.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    I would stick something like this X3 @ 3.2 GHz in there exceeding the thermal limit of the motherboard to much might end in tears.
  2. Done and done! THanks! Just ordered it. Hopefully it works. Saw a couple of threads with people upgrading to quad cores over 100w and massive video cards with 800w psu, so im just trying to push my boundaries till i decide to go with a new mobo, which will end up costing me for new ram and cpu. Thats when ill make the move to AM3.
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