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I am planning to upgrade my gpus and possibly my psu if i have to. Right now i have a 790i mobo, qx9650 pros, 2 velocirapter hd, and a sound blaster card. those are not going to change, but like i said i want to upgrade my gpus to evga gtx480 and go 3 way sli. i have and ultra x3 1200w psu, is that going to be enough power or am i going to have upgrade that as well. evga req 600w for one of these cards so i am thinking no but im sure there are lots of people that are running 3 way and dont have 220v outlets for there rigs.
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  1. Here they get additional 372watts of load (by adding another GTX480) running Furmark, so you have 851 watts + 372watts = 1223watts total with tri-SLI running Furmark.
  2. The Guru of 3D did a review on 3way SLI with the 480s and they used a 1200 watt unit. They didnt list the manufacturer of the PSU I dont think but I would imagine that your 1200 watt unit should be able to handle it.
  3. Thanks for the help it looks like I can keep my current PSU
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