Disk is write protected usb

write protected please help remove
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  1. format it or flip the little switch on the side of it that protects it.
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    if you're using windows 7
    Open a command prompt window (start –> run –> type in the run window cmd

    In the command prompt type "diskpart" Type "list volume" this will list all the drives on your computer and give them all volume numbers.

    Next you want diskpart to set focus on the write protected drive "select volume #" which ever volume is the disk in question.

    Now enter "attributes disk clear readonly" and then type "attributes volume clear readonly"

    Check the drive in question, you should now be able to access the disk with full permissions.
    if in XP open registry (regedit.exe)
    then open the root : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Storagedevicepolices .... search for "write protected " now set the value to "0"
  3. Hi, I followed the steps given by you. It did perform the "attributes disk clear readonly" but it didn't perform "volume clear". It said that the operation is not supported on removable media.
  4. Why is this question marked as "solved"? It clearly isn't... and the OP (apparently) didn't mark it as such...?
  5. Agreed!
    I hae an AData 64 gb micro sd. I hae 2 computers. I formated and can write read as I fit in Computer 1 (C1), but not on C2.
    On C2 it is write protected for some reason. I tried these methods:

    Tape over little slot (3 layers of tape to make sure),
    Tape around the card ( obviously the adapter that comes with the micro sd)
    checked the little "lock" button, even flicked it over a couple of times ( and although I thought its stupid) I followed SanDisc's Instruction to leave it on locked mode for 30 sec then flick it to unlocked mode

    Alright thats the phisical tips, now to virtualones:
    I did the whole regedit shannenigans, I had no such line so I added it ( made sure the 1st letters are capital and so on and so forth)
    I did the cmd "solution" as well at the dik part its fine but at the volume part it says: The operation is not suppoted on removable media

    After all that BS I am still not able to write on it on C2, but I have full access to it on C1.
    Any athoer ideas?
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