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Hey there,

I've been reading the reviews for quite a while and seen that the 5830 doesn't perform very well at the price point it was at. It is now approaching closer to $200 with rebate and from the Best for the Money GPU, I saw the 5830 in there. At what price does the 5830 become worth it? It was still iffy there.

Sadly I am only gaming at 1280x1024 for the moment and will be gaming at this until probably Christmas when I will move up to 1920x1024.
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  1. i would still either get a 5770 (which would be fine at your current resolution, and still fairly good later when you upgrade) or pay the extra for a 5850.

    the 5830 is much closer to the 5770 in terms of performance, so it just doesn't seem worth the extra cost.

    what games do you intend to play? and are you able to afford the 5850?
  2. I would be able to buy the 5850 but it means I don't eat those 2 weeks ;) That is why I was really hoping the 5830 may be worth it near the $200 price. I won't be purchasing my graphics card until next week because I am trying to jump on some Canada Day/Independance Day sales but wanted to figure out what cards to keep an eye on.

    I play WoW, L4D2, and a few older games atm but that is because I'm running a 7600GS on a P4. I do enjoy FPS games but not usually one to jump on them. I enjoy the zombie games (RE5, L4D series) so those will be what I'll be playing for the most part.
  3. in that case, the 5770 would probably suit your needs just fine. none of those games are especially demanding. and tbh, with the deluge of console ports these days, most PC games being released play fine on mid range systems.

    a 5830 is probably not going to make enough of a difference to justify the extra cost.

    50 bucks cheaper. and certainly not 50 bucks weaker.
  4. Pejo said:
    ...I'm running a 7600GS on a P4...

    Will the gpu you buy be used with your p4? If so, there's no point buying anything more than a HD 5570/9600 GT; your cpu will still be the bottleneck.
  5. I apologize. I am really doing a terrible job at helping you guys help me lol. I will be running this on a i7 940, 6gb of RAM with a 160GB SSD. Thanks for asking that!
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    You should take a look at this article:,2564.html
    Considering you can get a 5770 for $130 after rebate, a 5830 for $200 after rebate, or a 5850 for $290 (prices from newegg), for me, I'd say get the 5770 or the 5850. The 50% extra cost isn't worth the couple of frames gained, whereas the 5850 delivers up to twice the performance of the 5770 for a little more than twice the cost. Ultimately the choice is yours, and really depends on your budget, as these cards are at very different price points.

    A note on your system; if you haven't purchased it yet, perhaps you could downgrade the cpu to a 920 or 930 and use the money saved to get the 5850.
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  8. Thanks! I ended up getting the 940 for $150 from Intel so that's why I'll be using that one. Sounds like Ramen for the week.
  9. For you current resolution even an HD5770 is overkill. It is actually a decent card for 1920x1080 even. What you should do is get one HD5770 for now. Later when you get the monitor you can try it and decide if the performance of the card acceptable to you. If not then grab another for crossfire. Two HD5770s will give you performance on par with an HD5870 but for significantly less money. Here is a good article on the subject;
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