Hard disk problem?


So I've got some weird problems with my Hard drive.

5 days ago, I was playing Battlefield 3, turned off the pc and went to bed.
Next day, when I turned the PC one, my OS wouldn't start. I went to restore the system to a previous version and it worked perfectly.
Next day I turned the PC on again, and the same problem occured again. But this time, there was no recovery of the system available. I kept getting the message, Hard drive may be corrupted..."Attempting to repair the Hard drive".

Then I formated the Disk, got a new installation of Windows 7 ultimate x64.
Everything worked fine until today. When I turned the PC on, it took him about 10 minutes to start the OS.
My desktop icons were gone, couldn't get them to work either.
The red light LED on my PC case is on all the time and it takes about 5 minutes for the PC to react to a command like open web browser or my computer etc.

So I formatted it again, tried to install a fresh copy of the OS Win 7, but it got stuck on "Completing Installation". Dont know what to do anymore.

Now the most weird part of it....
Took the Hard drive out of the case, hooked it up on my old Pentium 4 PC and its working perfectly.
It fully responds, copied Battlefield 3 to make a backup...24 GBs are too much to download.

Now I wonder if there is any fix, or maybe my Bios is causing problems with the Hard drive?

My PC is pretty new.

Its only 3 months old. The specs are:

Intel Pentium G620 2.60 Ghz
HDD: WD Caviar Green edition 500 GB Sata III, 64 MB
GPU: HD 6670 1 GB DDR5
MB: P8H61-M LE
RAM: 4 GB DDR3 G-skill 1333 (working on 1066 mhz, because the CPU only supports that value)

Can Anyone help me with this issue?
This is driving me nuts the whole day :D

Many thanks
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  1. Try to use other SATA port.
  2. Hello,

    First thing to do is check the HDD to see if that is actually the problem. Download and install HD Tune (Pro). Click on the Caviar Green HDD, then click on the Health Tab so see if there are any issues with the SMART parameters. Then click on the Error Tab and run a full sector error check to see if there are any bad sectors, then click on the Benchmark Tab and run a Read benchmark test to obtain the max, avg, and min transfer rates.

    If you have the ability, upload a screenshot of the HD Tune graph of any that are not normal.

    Next check on the MB website to see if you have the latest BIOS version. Your current version will be on the Main page of your BIOS, or listed in SysInfo32.exe (system information).
  3. Well, somehow, dont know what happen but I got it working again.
    Scanned the disk with HD tune, no bad sectors.

    Seems when I tried to overclock the PC, I reset it back to default and the sata configuration from uefi went from AHCI to IDE mode, maybe thats what was causing the problems...

    After I've done that, I was able to reinstall the OS, though I went for Windows 7 Home basic x64, but then some "blue screens" started to appear, so out of frustration I left the PC alone, to do its thing and came back after 30-60 minutes to find that the PC was working perfectly.

    Also I found out, that when I disconnect all the devices like mouse, keyboard and speakers (USB) the OS boots normally without any problems. Maybe my PSU is damaged or broken. In BIOS the 5V jumps/flickers from 5.080 to 5.120
    Time to replace it I guess.

    Anyway, thanks for your time and help
    Cheers :D
  4. I selected AHCI mode again, and set a HotPlug for the Hard drive, and replaced the Sata cable
  5. HDD may be going corrupt.
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