Is there a motherboard chipset that supports solid state hard drive?

I am kinda stale on recent technology re:motherboard chipsets that support Solid State hard drives. Can anyone bring me uptodate on this subject? Thanks, Bill
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  1. Most modern motherboards should support SSDs just fine. They use a SATA connection and depending on which CPU you're looking at (intel 1366/AMD Socket AM3 for instance) they should work just like a standard hard drive.
  2. any mobo can support an ssd as long as it has a sata 2 connection on it u see ssd is detected just like a reglar hard drive because instead of having a platter and an arm the ssd has flash memory and a controller.
  3. You're also probably going to make sure to have Windows 7 in order to get TRIM support, it'll greatly extend the life of your Solid State Drive and make better use of it.

    Also, make sure that all of your applications, data, and other stuff that you plan on putting on your SSD doesn't amount up to more than 70% of the total space available. SSD Performance starts to degrade after that level, so make sure you get the right size!
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