3870x2 vs Two 4850's in crossfire.

Hello. I've won two 4850's in a contest. I have a 3870x2 video card. Which one do you think would have better performance?
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  1. 4850's in CF will easily be more powerful than a 3870x2...
  2. shub is correct, its a worthy upgrade.
  3. Indeed. In terms of cards from this generation an HD3870x2 is approximately equal to an HD5770 while the crossfired HD4850s will be on par with an HD5850.
  4. As a single 4850 performs about the same as your current 3870x2 (a bit faster with AA, a hair slower without), a pair will totally destroy it.
    Defiantly a worthy upgrade, just be sure your PSU is up to the task before installing.
  5. Use the two 4850s, game, be happy :D
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