Will components fit in this case?

Hi everyone, I just wanted to ask a quick question in regards to my components fitting in my case.

Would the Noctua NH-D14, along with two gtx 460's (one Gigabyte 1GB and other EVGA 1GB) fit well within the Coolermaster HAF 912?
Or would it be better getting the HAF X? (i have the money but i would rather spend it on other parts).

Thanks very much.
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  1. Hello
    Yes they'll fit fine;however, HAF X/HAF 932 have more room and better cooling,so unless you absolutely need a mid-tower case,then go with a full tower case(especially since you have a multiGPU setup)
  2. I am also using HAF 912 and it is a good casing. Maybe you like this http://www.tomshardware.com/news/antec-lanboy-gaming-pc-case,10562.html#BOM_comments
  3. The haf x is a lot better than that at $200.
    Otherwise, I would get a haf922.
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