My cpu multiplier is forever on 22x

Hi guys I have a problem, I have been using my Intel core i3 530 for a while now
and I've noticed that my CPU multiplier is at 22x all the time even when it's idle
it's a problem because my CPU temp is always 39 degrees it used to be at 25 degrees and when I play games
it's at 53 degrees. I noticed it when I cleared my cmos, it never used to be like this.
Oh and another thing after clearing my cmos I wen't to my computer then properties to check my frequency it showed
Intel core i3 530 @ 2.93 ghz 2.94 I've never overclocked it although I've been using E-leet tuning utility I've been messing
with the qpi a lot, could this be the problem.

Please Help!

PROCESSOR: Intel core i3 530 2.93 ghz
MEMORY: Corsair xms3 2gb 1066mhz
HDD: WD cavier Blue 320GB 7200RPM 8MB cache
Hitachi 250 GB 7200RPM
GRAPHICS CARD: Nvidia geforce 7950 gt
PSU: thermaltake 700w
CASIN: Thermaltake Armor VA800BWS
OS: Windows 7 fully activated
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  1. God bless and many thanks, the multiplier is now at 9x and on full load it's at 22x temp is from 39 degrees to at least 30 degrees (lowest I've seen), but I didn't understand how to set power option to balance in window, plus do you have any more ideas on how to make my temps lower. And when I
    was in my bios I saw the following, technically I don't think it's right

    Here's what I saw

    C1E support [disabled]
    C3 state [disabled]
    Intel C-state tech [enabled]
    C3 state [disabled]
    C6 state [enabled
    Otherwise thank you so much.
  2. You're the best thanks!
  3. hi,
    how do I select the best answer???????
  4. okay I've done what you said just waiting for their reply
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