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my zotac GF9500GT ZT-95TEK2M-FSL hdmi output goes off while I switch on any electrical device in my home and will back after 10 sec. but my system monitor have no problem . if any body have the same trouble please let me know hoe to solve this, thanks
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  1. Not really sure.

    I have the same issues with my TV. If I have it on, and then turn on my lights, computer, monitor etc.. it turns off for a few seconds and then back on. Something to do with shitty wiring upstairs at my guess.

    Probably nothing wrong with your Graphics Card at all.
  2. (I did manage to limit how often my TV does it by re-ordering my plugs and having things like my computer and TV straight into the wall instead of in an extention, and then all my little bits and bobs like speakers etc into a multiblock..

    This might help (Y).
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