Nvidia Physx Dedicated Card?

My specs are:
i7 860 OC 3.8GHz
2 GTX 470 OC in SLI
4GB 2Channel 1333MHz Corsair RAM
Corsair H50 Cooler

I was wondering if I should buy a separate video card for Physx processing since the technology is taking flight this year, if so, I wanted to know if a GTS 250 is enough? or if I should go with a cheaper or more expensive one?
Another thing, I was thinking about selling my 2 470s to buy a 480 and then in a near future buy another 480, is it woth it or should I stay with my actual specs?
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  1. Don't be a bloody fool.

    You've got an i7 and two GTX470s.. A physx card wouldn't help you at all. It might even lower FPS as your motherboard could no longer run in SLI 16x16x but would run in 16x8x8x or 8x8x8x instead.

    Save your money for some more RAM!
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    No offense, but 2x GTX470 is more than enough, no need a PhysX things...
    Your setup are great, you'll be fine for a long time. :)
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  4. It would be a very bad idea, because your mobo is ALREADY running in x8,x8 mode. Only X58 mobos support dual x16 paths. However, with the 470s and the mobo you currently have, you should only experience roughly 4% less frames than if they were running in x16, x16. But, if you added a PhysX card, you'd be limiting one of your 470s to x4 mode, which would result in a substantial drop in frames!
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