This was copied from my video:
First let me apologize, my video camera is with my brother in law. My sister gave birth yesterday and you know how it goes.

You can easily tell what's happening though.
All your frustrations are over. Forget the finger puncturing staples, the filed down paper clip that bends too easily, and the flimsy pathetic tool by sunbeamtech that snaps so easily.

This is what I use:

they are all the same. I use he 2mm size which is the biggest in my pouch, they have wider ones, but it isn't necessary. It works with no issues.

I actually have the blades and handle because I use it at times to cut small items or for delicate work.So if you purchase a set like this at the end you have a tool as well. You can just go out and get the blades, which aren't expensive either. To spend so much money for a pathetic tool is a waste.

At one time I thought to make a tool thats the shape of the inner diameter of the connection. But this just fell in my lap yesterday.

You don't need to use a lot of pressure as well. Just give a easy tug on the cables and if it doesn't come out so easily just pull the blades out just a little and push it in again and bam, done! You don't have to press on the blades so hard to pull the cable out as well. In the video I wasn't even holding the blades when I was puling the connector out.

Flex the cable a little to get the connector to slide over a little. These blades are quite thin so they slide in without too much hassle.

After looking at videos and reading the forums, no one had a really easy solution. The tool either broke or didn't work so well, and it's down to either the staples or the paper clip. Because of this I was considering spending the $10 or so for a NZXT 24pin, which would be the biggest issue. My main concerns is:
1-they have all these markings on the shrink tubing which takes away from the whole look of the system.
2-I would rather do a job like this myself. There's a sense of satisfaction from doing your own mods.
3-From a review I read the cables aren't long enough (maybe it was the 6/8 pin cable) and the extension connection will show up in the case which is what we want. It's all about aesthetics.

I'm showing this to you on a Molex to 6pin connector but it can be done on all the 6pin/8pin GPU and 12V including the nightmarish 24pin connectors. Same same.

Take care.
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  1. Nice visual aid there for modders :)
    Thanks man,
  2. Motopsychojdn said:
    Nice visual aid there for modders :)
    Thanks man,

    Thanks buddy.
  3. Nice guide mate!
    It will be really funny, if some one will put the cables back wrong :)
    Careful guys
  4. Was that error in your sig deliberate? still funny man :)
  5. What do you mean pull them back wrong? How can you do that?
  6. I think he means if someone replaces the wrong wires in the wrong hole for the pin, that would require stupidity or not paying attention :)
  7. Ah! I didn't read the put it in wrong. I thought I read "pull". Thanks for clarifying.
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