Intel core i5-430m with 6 gb ram and windows 7

Hello, I am thinking of buying an hp laptop ( dv6-2160) which has an Intel Core i5-430M (2.27 to 2.53 GHz, 3MB L3 Cache, 2cores/4 threads), RAM 6 GB DDR3 and Windows 7. I am a casual gamer, but I need this laptop to last at least 4 years and still be competitive (so that it won't be slow for the new applications). Can you tell me if this is a right choice? I am mostly curious about the i5-430M and 6 GB RAM combination (since i don't know a lot about laptops).
And finally, the same questions about HP pavilion dv3-2230 Touch with Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 and 4GB RAM with Windows XP.

(The prices are 700 euros and 500 euros so if the first one is much much better than the second one i will not mind to gine the extra 200 euros)

Thank you in advance
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  1. Neither would game well due to the GPU, but the i5 system will last you longer due to a stronger CPU. The 6GB of RAM wont help so much though, see if you can find a 4GB version.

    However, an core i3 solution should be just as good for general usage. Don't expect a laptop to still be amazing after 4 years, it should still be very usable, but it wont compare too well with even mid-range laptops then.
  2. Neither of those laptops can be considered gaming laptops unless they have a good discrete GPU (that you don't list) and will not be in 4 years for sure. The I5 is though the better of the two
  3. At this price range you talking about model with integrated graphics, so gaming is out of the question on any level (well with few exceptions my be).
    hmm dv3-2230 is multi touch so with XP you kinda missing the point.
    I personally in my organization I am buying Dell Vostro/Studio the the moment.
    They are grate value, with any configuration i want and 5 years on site warranty.
    So it is really some market research, see what you can get.
    Good service is one of the most important variables to consider. Why not 13" btw?
  4. Thanks for your answers. I made a mistake, the second laptop comes with windows 7, not XP.
    And what I meant about gaming is that I don't play games a lot, only occasionaly and with old versions mostly.
    So,with these corrections, do you think that the 1st laptop is good (and considering its price) ?
  5. I wouldn't rule out gaming on either laptop. My T6700 Toshiba with integrated intel 4500HD graphics plays wow and starcraft 2 all the time on low quality setting. I can run them on medium but it does lag up in the heavier graphics areas for wow. I haven't tried medium setting for SC2, low is fine for me. Yes I realize these are less graphics demanding titles.

    Get the I5 since you need it tolast 4 years. The T-series is already old stuff.
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