Cannot write to dvd/cd drives

Okay, I have read and read and I have not found the "fix" for this problem. If you know where to find it could you please let me know where it is?

Here is my information on my problem the best way to describe it as I can do.

I have two dvd/CD r/w drives on my system. One is connected to my secondary IDE controller and the other is USB connect. Both have worked (both read and write) as late as last week. Neither will write DVD MEDIA now.

one (USB) opens blank dvd and blank cd media okay, when I attempt to create a folder on new DVD media comes back with an error 16389, but this drive WORKS fine with CD media I can even transfer data to that drive. this media created is readable from both drives.

the other drive (IDE) will not open blank dvd or cd media at all and comes back with "drive not accessible, incorrect function," with blank DVD or CD media.

Although on MY COMPUTER the drive icons show the cd-r or dvd media in the drive icons following the loading of blank media on them.

Both drives will play DVD movies and both will autorun program cd disks for program installation etc.

I have deleted the drives from the system, reloaded the drivers and reattached the drives. No help.
I even went so far as to reload windows xp pro and then sp-3 and all upgrades and the drives still respond the same way, with the same errors.

I have swapped the drives interface connections to the system and they still get the same errors.
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    First you must reinstall windows xp pro and sp3.

    When you do, you must not repeat "DO NOT" install it back
    into the folder named "WINDOWS" if you do it still will
    not work correctly.

    Choose a new folder name like "WINXPPRO" or what
    ever you like.

    Install windows xp into that folder and update xp-pro sp3
    and all updates available to you via microsoft.

    If you have two or more "DVD/CD -ROM DRIVES" as I do
    only one of them can be set to "RECORD" at any one time.

    Only put one blank media disk into "one" of the drives,
    say DRIVE D, that drive may then be set to record by going
    through "properties" on drive D. To switch to drive E, for
    writing, simply remove the blank media from drive D and
    close drive D, then insert the blank media into drive E.
    Now by going through "properties" on drive E, you can
    set it to record.



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