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Hello,I have recently purchased I-mac 10.6.4 version 20" monitor. After 2 weeks use monitor screen had blurred image of printed matl in center of screen. Apple tech suggested take to computer tech approved by them in our area. Problem was moisture in monitor - glass was removed and moisture taken out. Area affected was about 3" x 2" in center of monitor. two weeks later I am having same problem. Also noted monitor became very hot after on awhile, uncomfortable to hold on top of monitor. Apple says this is normal????
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  1. The heat is normal but not the broken plumbing!
    Consider moving the computer out of the bathroom.
  2. I would say that if you live in a moist muggy (hot) area to get an air conditioner (cools computer room and removes air moisture).
  3. Since 2009 I have went through 3.or 4 iMacs It was making me that bad I had to get an Advocate to take over. There is a site called
    The three faults are 1. Yellow Tinging 2. Flickering screen 3. Dark and patchy marks.
    This problem is still ongoing. The Advocate got my refund of £1230 off Apple. Apple tried to shut the dirty screen site down but it was in France. The guy gave me a full list mounting to over a thousand people in France,and that`s not counting the rest of the world. I was going to buy the new Mac Mini but that`s faulted has well,but Apple and Intel have owned up to this one. Google your problem type in iMac Faulty Screen you be amazed what comes up. I have evan got a protest video,and about a dozen showing you the faulty screen. I live in England if they can`t fix it they can offer you a new one,but if that get`s the same fault you are entitled to your money back. I wish you luck.
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