Windows 7 x64 instability with dual Quadro NVS 420s

I have a DELL Precision T3500 with dual NVS 420 cards (both cards shipped from DELL), and I am having issues with the stock (on Windows Update) and latest NVIDIA drivers where the video card driver continuously crashes and recovers (visible as a screen flicker on Windows 7), however it happens frequently until the machine BSODs.

Ideas on anything I can try to help alleviate/resolve this or should I be looking at maybe an ATI card, or single card that does 8 displays with decent Windows 7 drivers. I cannot tell if the problem is the drivers or the fact that there are two cards in the system....
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  1. I have the same problem with a "Quadra" version of the same card (four DVI outputs on one card). Something is terribly wrong either with this particular card or the driver set. It crashes every few minutes, even with the latest driver from Dell. This is doing ANYTHING, from simple Web browsing to editing documents. I'd hate to even try playing a game or playing a video. I'm about ready to return the computer.
  2. This is why I wont migrate to Win 7 from the ever just as slow Vista. You can try different revisions of drivers and see if there is any difference. Also make sure the psu is up to the task of powering these cards but the Quadros for multi monitor 2D use don't draw much power any way so just rule out cooling being an issue to. Beyond that just grind tech support over at Dell to they either cave in and send someone out to look at the problem or send you a refund/replacement.
  3. Windows 7 in my experience is everything Vista should have been.

    However, the way that I fixed this was to turn Aero off and use the latest drivers from DELL.
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