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Hey guys,

I just recently built a new system. Things have been relatively smooth so far but I have run into some hiccups here. I initially installed 12 GB of RAM into my system and upon seeing that it was running at only 1066 Mhz, I used the XMP profile in the BIOS to bump up up the RAM to the desired 2000 Mhz setting. I then decided to go ahead and add 12 MORE GB of RAM to the system. Before I did so, I put the RAM's settings back to default, added the 12 GB of RAM, and started up the computer. Everything went fine, BIOS and Windows 7 both recognized the 24 GBs of RAM but because of my putting the RAM settings back to the default speeds, they were running at 1066 Mhz again. Here is where things got hairy:

When I tried to use the BIOS XMP profile again to set the RAM speed at 2000 Mhz, BIOS and Windows would recognize only 4GB OR 8GB of the RAM. Only if I A) use default speeds of 1066 Mhz OR B) I use the XMP settings but only OC to 1733 Mhz does BIOS and Windows 7 see all 24GB of my RAM. So, my question, then, is this:

Can anyone help me setup my BIOS settings so that all 24 GB of my RAM can run at 2000 Mhz and be recognized by BIOS and Windows so I can utilize all the RAM?

Here are my Mobo, RAM, and Processor specs. Any help would be much appreciated:

RAM: TWO (x2) Kits of Patriot Viper II ‘Sector 7’ Edition 12GB (3 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2000 (PC3 16000) Desktop Memory

Motherboard: ASUS Rampage III Extreme LGA 1366 Intel X58 Motherboard

CPU: Intel Core i7-970 Gulftown 3.2GHz LGA 1366

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  1. Did you try increasing the DRAM voltage? When all RAM slots are filled, some boards need a boost in RAM voltage to work correctly.
  2. I didn't want to increase the DRAM voltage past 1.65V because in the BIOS, it says that increasing it beyond 1.65V can permanently damage the Mobo. Should I disregard this warning and do so anyway?
  3. I seem to remember reading that those boards didn't like all six slots full of high-speed RAM, and to get them stable you had to down-clock the RAM a bit.

    You will either have to accept the slightly slower speed or increase the voltage to see if you can get it to run at full speed.

    Between those two choices, I'd go with the slightly slower speed. I'm assuming you are upgrading to 24GB for a good reason, and therefore actually need it. The speed of the memory is secondary, and 266MHz won't make much difference anyway.
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