< 800$ gaming desktop


BUDGET RANGE: 800$, less is better !

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming (Final Fantasy XIV exclusively), websurfing, music

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: HDD, Monitor, OS, keyboard, mouse, speakers. Might re-use old dvd writers.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Newegg.ca, Ncix.com, Amazon.ca



These are the main parts I originally chose, but I‘m open to any suggestions to try and fit a 800$ or less budget.

GTX 460 (or HD 5770)
WD Caviar black 500 gb
Antec 300 case

OVERCLOCKING: Yes, but moderately.

SLI OR CROSSFIRE: If needed, I’d rather have a single card.



I had an i5-750 build with GTX 460 and future-proof parts, but it was above 1000$. I need to make sacrifices, but not sure where I should apply them. So I'm starting anew with your help.

Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you !
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  1. Does budget include taxes and shipping?

    At the $800 mark, you wanna go AMD. Phenom II x4 + 460 is doable.
  2. It can include taxes and shipping if possible.

    I have more than 800$ to spare, but the only use of the PC will be to play FFXIV.

    My current desktop is a 10 year old P4, and would still be doing the job for my everyday needs if it wasn't to play that single game (I would have needed to upgrade to a new PC sooner or later tho).

    I can't really find the good budget balance for my situation, so I went with a 800$ budget. I need a balance between "best bang for buck" and "cheapest way to play a game like FFXIV on acceptable settings".

    I can sacrifice upgradability since I'll prolly change the whole PC in 5-10 years like I'm doing now.

    TL;DR = I'm ok with the Phenom II x4.
  3. Edit: bought the WD Caviar Black 640 gb for 50$ on Newegg today, so I don't need this part anymore
  4. Found this deal on ncix.com

    Bundle Deal Intel Core i5 760 Quad Core & MSI P55-GD55 CrossFire DDR3 Motherboard

    310$ before MIR
    290$ after MIR
    Free shipping

    Seems like a cheap mobo w/o sli/crossfire in 8x/8x, no usb 3.0 and no 6 gb/s. Seems to only accept 1333 mhz memory.

    Could it do the job if I don't plan to upgrade in the near future ?
  5. Another deal (not a big one) found on ncix.

    MSI GTX 460 Cyclone 1gb OC
    BFG GS-550 550w PSU

    300$ + taxes

    I wanted a stronger and good brand PSU, but this one received good reviews on newegg, and might do the job.


    MSI P55-GD55
    GTX 460
    550w PSU
    WD caviar black HDD


    Missing ram and case, which should cost around 150$.

    So I'd be at around 790$ before taxes.

    What do you think ? (my project does not seem really interesting as I'm the only one reoplying to my own thread ;)

    Did I downgrade the mobo and PSU too much ? Should I wait for better deals on the i5 and 460 ?

    Thank you,
  6. A AMD combo that "could" be interesting:

    Antec 900 case
    EA650 PSU
    AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Thuban
    Kingston 2 x 2 gb DDR 1333
    GIGABYTE GA-870A-UD3 mobo

  7. For gaming purposes, the 955 BE is equal or better then the 1055t. That RAM also isnt the greatest but its OK. The lower the latency, the better.

    Some good RAM
  8. Since they weren't any good combo with the 955 on Canada side (no god good combo at all these days), I found this 965 combo:

    - AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz Socket AM3 125W Quad-Core Processor
    - BIOSTAR TA890GXB HD AM3 AMD 890GX SATA 6Gb/s HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard


    What do you think ?
  9. Biostar isnt the worlds greatest brand, but its not a bad combo. You should be fine. If you want to spend the extra dough get an Asus/MSI/Gigabyte board.
  10. Hey man i am in your exact situation! I am building a rig simply for FFXIV! Alswell as generally websurfing and itunes you know :) I am in the UK so obviously the site i am using to build it wont be available to you, but for £750 including tax delivery OS, and the whole rig i have put together a system which includes the PII x4 965BE and radeon 5770, i know you dont need to plan for the future but if it helps it will also be able to upgrade as high as PII x6 1090T and upto crossfired 5870's! If you would more info on parts let me know in this thread, i havnt got the page up at the moment otherwise i would have give youeach and every part :)
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