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I have a ASUS P8P67 LE with an i5 2400 and 2gb of kingston hyperX blu 1600mhz ram running at 1333.

In my device manager I see the following "Other Devices" with yellow exclamation points next to them:

1. PCI Simple Communications controller

2. Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller

The second one I have determined is the USB 3.0 controller. I am able to disable it in the bios and this goes away. I choose not to install the driver because I have no USB 3.0 devices.

The 1st item (PCI simple comm controller) is what's really got me concerned...

Even with marvell controller and usb 3.0 disabled in bios I still get the first item.

How can I determine what the heck this is? I search for via right clicking on the 1st item and windows finds nothing. I have opened my group policy and device installation permissions to allow windows to install crap. I have already done a clean install and saw the items pop up after a fresh install with grpahics, lan, chipset, and audio drivers installed. Not sure what to do about this item.

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  1. Go to Intel's Download Center and search for Intel Management Engine. The top result should be version dated 5/24/2011. Download and install it.
  2. Will do, I also noticed in the bios that in the device boot order I have three things listed although I only have two devices.

    My two devices I have plugged in are a HDD (SATA) and a DVD (SATA).

    The third extra device listed has a UEFI label on it and is called the Windows Boot Loader or windows loader something I can't remember. Will look again at it tonight, but is this normal?
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