Upgrading a Dell Inspiron 560 to run three monitors. (desktop)


BUDGET RANGE: The cheaper the better

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: the ability to run 3 monitors, if not just 2.

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: Onboard vid card, Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD, and stock psu

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: Dell 560 8gb ram, This exact model.



SLI OR CROSSFIRE: No, unless it is needed to run 3 monitors.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: Not 100%, they are 3 samsung, VGA, non-widescreen monitors.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: A lady I work with bought this maching, and she needs to run 2 monitors, but she would like to run 3 monitors. It doesn't need to be able to play and games, its more for the ability to do work on a lot of web based apps, on all 3 monitors.
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  1. You have only 1 PCI-E x16 slot, so you'll be limited to one video card.

    Because of this, your only option is to get an Eyefinity Radeon card, which are very expensive and will require at least one NON passive Display Port converter. (Like this: )

    An example video card to accomplish this:

    You'll need to connect two monitors via the DVI (use DVI to VGA adapters if you need to) ports and for the third monitor use the NON passive display port converter. If you use a passive one, it WILL NOT work.

    Problem is that this video card won't run on your current power supply. You'll need to upgrade your power supply in every solution, as more modern video cards have a very high power demand. You're looking at spending at least $400-$450 including tax and shipping, for the PSU and GPU. This doesn't include the cost of the converter, which you'll have to have.
  2. If thats the case, can I get away with a radeon 4350 to run dual monitors?
  3. Yep! I would recommend a 4550 for the extra memory for the dual monitors, but otherwise they have a VERY low TDP (Less than 20 watts) and require no external power connections. Not to mention most of them are passively cooled and make no noise.
  4. You're wrong boris, even the lowest-end 5450 can run Eyefinity.
    $29.99 with rebate.
  5. BIG GIANT EDIT I'm a moron.

    What products support ATI Eyefinity technology?
    ATI Eyefinity technology was introduced in AMD’s latest line of ATI Radeon™ HD 5000 Series graphics products which includes the following:

    ATI Radeon™ HD 5970 GPUs
    ATI Radeon™ HD 5800 Series GPUs
    ATI Radeon™ HD 5700 Series GPUs
    ATI Radeon™ HD 5670 GPUs
    ATI Radeon™ HD 5500 Series GPUs
    ATI Radeon™ HD 5450 GPUs
  6. Sabot00 is right, I apologize. I totally didn't think first and do a bit more research.


    A quick note though, that 5450 still can't support 3 monitors, at least according to ATI:
    Also, at least 3 simultaneous, active display outputs, including one DisplayPort™ connector are required to support ATI Eyefinity technology. Please consult the manufacturer of a particular product to confirm if it supports this feature.

    Because that card has 1 dvi, 1 vga, and 1 HDMI, it doesn't qualify to support 3 monitors at once (according to ATI, unless there's something I'm missing)

    Follow up edit:

    Some people have reported success via flashing the card's BIOS with a 5450 that has an HDMI to Display Port converter.
  7. OK, so a 5450 will work? I assume that its the cheapest of what is listed above.

    ETA: too slow.

    WHat about something simple? like dual monitors?
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    Most recent cards can drive dual-monitors.
    A 4350 or 4550 would probably be the cheapest.
    You can do 2 TMDS ports and 1 VGA, but some people report that doesn't work well.
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  10. mike.murphy42@verizon.netHi Joey, might I ask which OSX verison did you use to install Mac OS on your Dell? I have a Dell Inspiron 560 too. Thanks!
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