8GB memory 2.93 usable??

pleeeeeaaaaaseee help !!
what should i do??? my config

core i3 2.93
9600GT 1gb 256bit
8GB Memory """"BUT IT READS 2.93 ONLY""""

what should i do????? please help

should i switch to 64 bit os??? my current os is 32bit only....
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  1. Maybe you exceeded the max memory your cpu can hold? Or have alot of dedicated graphics memory?
  2. i dont have anu dedicated graphics memory.....i already checked it..some says a 32 bit os supports 4GB of ram only?????
  3. 32-bit Windows is limited by MS to 4GB. But you get only ~3GB RAM because the last GB is used for all PCI devices mappings to the same 4GB usable space (compatibility reasons). So the overlapped RAM can only be remapped to end of physical RAM (which you Win cannot access).

    PS: I've seen some reports of vanilla XP being able to use more than 4GB, but that SP1 put the 4GB limit because of cheap HW drivers.

    PS2: check PAE (Physical Address extension) in wikipedia.
  4. Yes I do agree with Correll it happens when you use the maximum memory. Well I suggest you to repair as soon as possible.
  5. repair???? how(^^ this is my first time to experience this prob..
  6. and what is the max memory can i3 530 can handle????
  7. Sorry but the only "fix" for this is to upgrade to a 64bit OS. I would also make sure that your hardware supports 64bit processes before you go buying a new copy of windows.

    Any 32bit system will only support 4GB of memory and if there are 4GB installed you will not see 4GB available to the system it will be somewhere closer to 3GB.

    Sorry you ran into this problem after you bought the stuff.
  8. The only solution is to use 64 bit Operating System. 32 bit systems do not support higher RAMs.
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