23-24 Inch Monitor Suggestions?


I am building a new PC and have pretty much got everything I need except for a nice monitor. I am willing to spend around ~500 for a 23-24 inch monitor. I have been looking for some good monitor review sites and haven't been able to find much.

I am going to use my computer for heavy gaming and multimedia purposes. Plus, I want a monitor that looks great. While I don't know much, I have heard TN panels are the best for gaming and the worst for color, while other panels give you better picture but with higher response times.

I've looked into 2 main monitors:
23 Alienware 3d 120hz W2310 (might be wrong on the model)
Dell U2410

Are there any higher end panels that look nice and still perform well for gaming? Thanks!
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  1. That Alienware monitor is great, really, go with that monitor, i'm pretty sure you'll be happy with that monitor... :)
  2. Thanks for the info, jaguarskx... :)
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