Just got some crazy good deals building a new rig

Friend decided he wanted a new gaming rig, we sat down and spent 4hours going through newegg and Tiger combos/discounts/rebates and this is what we ended up with.

I have no idea how we came up with these combos, but we did and re-did them so many times. Ended up being $515 shipped (that price is including $65 worth of rebates)

*OCZ Special Ops Edition 4GB DDR3 1600 kit - (8-8-8-24)
*Lite-on DVD burner (lightscribe)
*Phenom II x4 955 b.e.
*ASUS M4A87TD EVO 870 USb3
*OCZ ModXStream Pro 700wat SLI (modular/80+ and came with 4gb USB flash drive)
*Cooler Master v8 Rifle heatsink
*Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 32mb cache 750gb
*Raidmax Quantum mid-tower (was the only budget case we knew the v8 cooler would 100% fit in

515 shipped after rebates/combos/discount codes

-Picked up an MSI cyclone 1gb GTX460 on Amazon for $205 after rebate as well
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  1. Thought I''d post it since people are often asking what's the best bang for buck they can get on a budget build - That's the best I could come up with and thing its damn good for a total of $720 once all rebates come in. Could have done slightly better MAYBE if a microcenter was closer than 400miles away
  2. Good luck with the OCZ RAM. There is a reason they are selling it cheap with big rebates. I am not happy with mine at all. I am not alone in that opinion.

    The 750GB 7200.12 will be an older 250GB platter drive. Not nearly as fast as the 500GB or 1TB models that use 500GB platters.

    Should be a pretty good system, just pointing out the places you significantly sacrificed quality for price for anyone who may use it as a basis for their build. Maybe sacrificed a bit on the PSU also.
  3. Thanks for the input!

    1)I wondered about the ram... What specifically are you not happy with? Are the timings not running as advertised? I knew it was a risk, but save 20-30 on each component allowed him to get more for budget and extreme overclocking isn't a priority - just running cool and probly OC the cpu to 3.6. The GPU will definately be overclocked as they've been shown to have lots of headroom there.

    2)I was aware of the platter differences, but I couldnt find any information relating the 250platter + 32mb buffer vs. 500gb and 16mb
    My other option was the $50 samsung f3 since I know they get great reivews - but my last samsung HD died about 40 days after warranty... so i personally was scorn towards them

    3)Why do you say saccrafice on the PSU? I realize they must be on sale at over 50% off for a reason... but 700w should be fine for an AMD with 1 460. The motherboard doesnt support SLI since it's a budget mobo, so SLI isn't even a concern for him (and me as his advisor, lol)
  4. 1> Yeah, they dont run at the rated specs. I eventually backed the OC on my Athlon II x3 to 3.4ish to get it stable. I had it up at 3.6 passing PRIME CPU tests fine, but got tired of tweaking the RAM settings.

    2> Think of it this way, both HDDs spin at the same speed. So in the same amount of time the heads on the 500GB platter have read twice as much data as a 250GB platter. You wont get a pure doubling of speed because of seek times, but its a pretty big difference if you google some benchmarks.

    3> OCZs Fatal1ty series is made by a better quality manufacturer than their Mod/Speed Steam series. IIRC the Fatal1ty line is on the second tier list (good quality) and the others are on the third tier (average). Neither was on the "wouldnt put one of those disasters in my computer" list.

    Corsair, Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling, and most Antec models are in the top tier so I tend to stick with those.
  5. Thanks for the info... most unfortunate for your RAM - maybe we'll have better luck... but even so, was better to save $45bucks there and lose some timing

    I got hte platter part... the deciding factor was the 32mb buffer on the seagate and the fact I've had bad luck with Samsung

    He's got a velociraptor for primary installs

    THANKS alot as always
  6. I like to give repeat business to parts that gave me years of flawless use. I had a gigantic coolermaster(dont remember model) years ago on an athlon 64, never an issue... so that's why i was set on v8. That case will not fit a v8, so it wouldnt work etiher.

    Also, that Asus motherboard scored great reviews across every shootout I could find... and allowed overclocking up to 4.1 with power saver features still turned on.
    and it has the newer southbridge and USb3.0 for hte future. So it has to stay.

    Sounds like that RAM is going to be getting sent back... I personally have XMS in my i7 rig (again, i've used them for years with no issues, so I keep coming back)

    I APPRECIATE THE INPUT GUYS! I know alot, but certainly dont know it all. The RAM just has to survive a weekend of SC2 on stock clocks, and if we cant get it to correct timings, I guess it's getting sent back
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