Most recommended 128gb SSD?

What SSD would you recommend that is 128gb and fairly priced? I know there's options like the 830, hyperx and all that wonderful stuff.. But what do you prefer?
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  1. I personally would go with the Samsung 830 or Crucial M4. Currently the 830 is $1.00 cheaper where I shop.
  2. I would recommend an intel 520 or 510 series SSD. They are the most reliable, according to my moderate web research.
  3. Curcial M4, Samsung830/840, and plextor M3/M4 still remain my top choices.
    Probably not see any real life difference in performance and these still seem to Have the LOWEST "user problems" Which one, I have NO preference and select the Cheapest of the three at time of purchase.

    For laptops my 1st choice has been the M4, However have switched to Samsung 840, with M4 being my 2nd choice.

    I tend to steer clear of SF22xx Based SSDs. Their Sequencial performance is "OVER" rated and they tend to have higer "used Problems".

    My Laptop - 2 M4's my desktop two 830s, Wife's system an M4 (swapped the agility III out of her system). My Older system has a Phoenix Pro and a Intel G2.
  4. I own on my different systems...
    Corsair 180GB Force GT on my laptop = Awesome
    Corsair 120GB Force 3 on my wifes laptop = Very good
    Corsair 128GB performance pro on my desktop = UBER AWESOME! Stellar garbage collection and steady performance with compressed and uncompressed data. So much so I just got another in for a raid 0 setup with my new build :) Can get them new on ebay for about $145 shipped right now.

    Had a corsair 120gb force GT on the desktop originally. Was awesome but overall like my performance pro the best. To note, after firmware revisions early this year, I have not had a single issue with any of my sandforce drives. Just flawless as my marvell based performance pro!
  5. ive tried ihe intel, hyperx and 830, and the 830 i best, hands down
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