Do I need a cpu cooler?

I am building my own computer and i was wondering if i need a cpu cooler?

This is my current build

Antec 300
Asus Sabertooth x58
Intel Core i7 950
gtx 470

I do plan on overclocking.

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  1. the stock cooler is kool but since it is a 130watt cpu u might want to pick up a hyper 212
  2. Thanks
    I hear a lot about the hyper 212 is it really the best avaliable?
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    I'd definitely grab an aftermarket cooler if you're overclocking. The Hyper 212+ offers good performance for its price and is highly recommended by a lot of people on these forums (and others for that matter). There are better coolers available but in my opinion the performance difference doesn't justify the price difference.
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