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hi i recently was bios downgrading ussing afudos engineering version in the process the power went off and now computer wont boot bios only lights com on and nothing else
is there a key combo or can i short circuite the board back to normal please help the bios is scrambled i have a asus 1005ha laptop
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  1. I think you are hosed...most (if not all) BIOS uograde instructions say to NOT turn off or remove power until the BIOS flash has finished. The motherboard maker might be able to help.
  2. If any BIOS update is interrupted, the motherboard becomes a not so cheap but cool looking ornament, in my opinion only. Hard to dust though.

    Seriously, I know of no way to recover from this. The motherboard manufacturer would have to include a ROM with a jumper (or two ...) to allow this type of recovery. It is not cost effective to do this for something that does happen but not very frequently.

    I have only done a minor search, on your netbook and did not find an immediate solution. There are ways to revert to default settings if there is a valid BIOS, but I doubt that is your case. Take a look here;
    Here is the meat, in case the link quits working;
    "Try the CMOS reset, close the system, take out the battery and unplug the AC and press the power button for 30 seconds. Then turn it over and open the RAM cover and remove the RAM. On the motherboard, might be covered by a sticker, will be two copper triangular points you can short to reset the CMOS. Looks like:

    Then put the RAM back and plug the AC only to then see if it'll boot."

    Hopefully, there is something I missed. In any case,

    Good luck!
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