Asus P8P67 Evo B3 Freezing start-up, Firefox

I have a Evo P8P67 Evo B3 and its actually a replacement as the first one I got was faulty and wouldn't let me overclock, I'm using 16GB of Corsair Vengeance at 1600mhz and the cpu has a turbo of 4.3ghz, I also have a OCz vertex 3 120GB ssd and 2x1TB Samsung F3. When if first start the computer and open firefox it will freeze after a few second and it will remain unresponsive for a few minutes after that it may do it once again and then it will work perfectly.
It also does it if I leave the computer for a few hours and come back to it.

If I could have any help narrowing the problem down, if it cant be fixed I will live with it its just an annoyance.
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  1. quick update, I have just updated to the latest BIOS 1606 and have immediately run a full stress test once you computer started and it ran fine but as soon as I open firefox it locks the whole system for over a minute.
  2. What's your memory voltage? Did you stress test at stock?

    What's the recommended Voltage for your ram?
  3. The RAM is at 1.5v the recommended voltage, I did the stress test with the 4.3ghz overclock.
  4. I am having more problems with it now I keep constantly getting no video when I first turn the computer on via the power button it will start but the screen wont turn on, if I restart the computer it will then turn the screen on a boot as normal.

    This is very frustrating and annoying, I'm still having the lock-up and freezing problems and they seam to be getting worse.
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