My external Hard Drive won't format and won't work

Hi there,

I purchased a 2TB hard drive a few months ago, which was working perfectly up until 2 days ago.

What happened was the computer kind of froze and everything just went a bit crazy so I shut the computer down and restarted it. When I went to plug in my Hard Drive it wouldn't come up with the correct name in the disc file thing, so I clicked on it and it said "you need to format the disc drive: F before you can use it, would you like to format it?" so I clicked it and went to format it (even though it would delete everything on it) and it said it couldn't be done.

I read a thread about someone with the same issues and someone said to go to Disc Management and upload a photo of what it said on the screen, I've put a link at the bottom for you.

I've tried changing USB cords and using Testdisk but have no idea how to use that but don't think it worked anyway.

The make of my hard drive is a Buffalo HD-LBU2 serial number is 55572911115048.

I hope you guys can help me!! I really need the stuff on my hard drive :S

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  1. its broke dawg throw it away
  2. nah man lol...not if I can get a "professionals" opinion first
  3. thanks so much, ill give that a try!
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