Will this config work?

I am gonna build following config

1. Phenom IIx4 955 BE.(next upgrade will be later 1.5 years)
2. Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H
3. Corsair Vengence 4GB.
4. Corsair CX 500.

gonna pair it with 4670 and later 5770.

how well it will go? also is there any AM3+ mobo under $225?

different suggestions are welcomed.

i need to be my mobo futureproof juss in case i would like to switch to Buldozer.

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    If you are going for a gaming rig then the following MOBO is your cup of tea.

    Also, in order to run your GPUs in crossfire you will need two of the same cards. Meaning either two 4670s or two 5770s. However, for an extra 100USD you could get two 6850s.
  2. I thought of same mobo, but as AM3+ is there in market so i thought i should go for it. Also im gonna change my CPU once the bulldozer hits the market. So please suggest some with AM3+. BTW thanks for GPU suggestion, i will go for it. xD
  3. If you have 225$ for only the motherboard then better look towards getting yourself a Sandy Bridge build.
  4. good thought. can u suggest me any good combo? i dont know much about intel's so help me out if its good.
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  6. clumzy said:
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    nThank you very much!
    nAlso,if you are still looking for an AM3+ MOBO then have a look at the Crosshair V.
    nIt just recently hit the market and looks beastly!
  7. Seems like am late here. Regardless, would like to give my opinion. Here are my suggestions -
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