New system build help on booting

So here I am thinking im a pro, I am not.

Here is what I have done, and where I am at, what my specs are and what they will be.

Current specs
2.7gh 6 core phenom x2 i think
16gb ram 1600 speed
gigabyte 970 am3+ board
2gb 128 bit gfx card, i also have a 1gb 128 bit one
1000GB HD, also have a old windows xp 320GB I believe i have been using.
windows 7 64 bit home premium

My cd player was bought used, so when i finally hooked it all up it ran perfect, opened closed ect, so i put the unformatted hd ect and hook the computer up to boot, when it booted, it said put system disk in then press enter, i do put my win 7 disk in, says same error.

So i say f*** it and i installed win 7 on a different computer on the 1000GB HD.

I put the hard drive in and it boots to where it just starts spinning in the windows 7 loading screen then BSOD's and restarts :non:

I put windows xp hard drive hooked up to it, and i get these codes on the BSOD it does not auto restart with the win xp hard drive so i can see the codes its giving me:

This is where im at now, before it was like this:
Asrock 970 am3+ board(bad board, had to buy another one like it)
8150 cpu
1000gb hd
win 7
600 watt ( thought it was the psu that was the gfx problem)
I never got the asrock motherboard to give me video, its common problem and i could not return for refund because i did not save box, it still starts up just no video or beeps, i then bent the pins on the 8150 cpu so i have to purchase another ***GGRRRR***

I am trying to just get this thing running with the 6 core cpu and see how it goes, i keep crashing, ive tested alot of the bios out of the gigabyte board and still nothing really, at some points it was not reading my hd at all, at others it would read it when inside the bios i could see if it was reading them or not.

I tried on cardboard box, no help, This may just be a simple bios screw up, I have the HD set to native IDE i think. It is a sata hard drive so im not sure if thats the problem or what, any input would help this build taking forever, and costing alot of money

Any help is appreciated, I feel stupid to tell you this now.

Ive basically bought two systems almost now and not working, if this makes any sense to anyone smarter than me please let me know, i am stumped.

I got a laptop too, thats a different story with the screen for another time.
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  1. When changing motherboards, a clean install of the OS is recommended. The drivers you have installed are for the older board or the other computer in the case of your 1000Gb drive. This is why it hangs on install. A repair install may fix it, but you are better off with a clean install.

    If you removed any of the drives, there is a chance the boot loader was on it which is why you are getting "put system disk in then press enter". Again, a clean install will fix this.
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