Getting a 2.5" laptop HD to be a either external or Desktop internal

This has been on my mind, i have a few laptop hds that i would like to use as either external hard drives or internal hard drives as to hold data, what would all be needed in either of these?

I bought a couple adapters.

Now, with these is this enough to do what i am intending on doing, using it as the primary hard drive on a system?

Either external, internal does not matter, and if i need more cords to make it happen ill prob buy them i have a few laptop HDs, ones a 640gb freshly pulled from a parted out dv7-4xxx beats edition :sol:
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  1. Are the laptop drives ide, and are you connecting them to sata or ide connections?
  2. If you are sure it's IDE, then why not just get something like this instead of playing around with adapters.
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