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Hi all,

My buddy is in the market for a new SSD and it got me interested to see what the market has to offer.
I currently run an OCZ Revo Drive 3 120Gb. It seems to really shine when dealing with large files but mediocre when dealing with smaller stuff. Im a gamer. Its all I do, its all I am generally interested in... So...

I was wondering what sort of bench is important in achieving the best performance in games. Load times in particular as I know SSD performance doesn't effect much else. I would imagine PC games to incorporate a multitude of small files so would something like a Vertex 4 be in favor when it comes to loading up say... League of Legends?

Thank you in advance!
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  1. Load times will be faster with any SSD (first into new map) but overall game play depends on other things as well.
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