Phenom II 940 + GTX 480

How much will I need to overclock my P2 940(3.0 ghz stock) to not bottleneck my gtx 480?
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  1. I guess you're still fine at 3.0 GHz, yes your CPU will bottleneck GTX480, but not much...
    Already have that setup? already try it?
  2. I ordered it thursday, so it should all be in tomorrow. Here's a list of the (relevant) stuff in my rig:

    Phenom II 940 BE (3.0 at stock)
    Thermaltake Frio cpu cooler
    4gb G.Skill Trident DDR2@ 1066
    PNY GTX 480
  3. Well... 3.0GHz won't be too much of a bottleneck, if you're very concerned about performance, then I reckon anything higher than 3.4 GHz, probably 3.5 GHz would 'stop' that bottleneck.
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