Looking for opinions and improvments

I am looking to build a rig that's upgradeable and affordable. I have 2 different builds in mind i would like opinions on build and improvement without any but minor increases in price.

System 1 Amd

amd phenom x II 965 black edition

asus m4a79xtd evo

xfx hd 577x-znfc

mushkin enhanced silver-line 4 gb ddr3 12800

total $556 or so

system 2 intel

intel core i5-650

msi p55-gd65

xfx hd 577x-znfc

mushkin enhanced silver-line 4gb ddr3 12800

total $597

will be running windows 7 home premium. Eventual upgrade to either crossfire or sli and this case

thermaltake a90 w/850w psu

The amd is more affordable but I don't want to shoot myself in the foot for upgrading or speed. current case i will be building it in is antec sonata designer 500 w/650 w psu


ht goal is to keep the current box running for other purposes so in the end this will be a complete build but in 2 stages. thanking you in advance for all your advice and opinions.
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  1. If you will be buying before the end of the month i suggest swapping the XFX 5770 in the AMD build for the sapphire on in this combo, this combo drops the price of the AMD build to ~$512 before $45 in rebates

    You definitely wont be shooting yourself in the foot with the AMD build, the i5 650 is only a dual core so if you are going to be doing multi threaded tasks the extra cores of the 965 will help and for almost $100 more the intel build isnt worth it.
  2. a few things i left out was very tired when i wrote this last night.
    computer uses in order from most to least important ,gaming,watching videos, listening to music, and genral internet usage.

    my old system is a

    athlon x2 5000+

    2 gig ddr2

    and has 2 8600 gts cards in sli

    the problem with upgrading it is that its a am2 slot board and pcie 1.0

    country i live in is USA

    and i prefer newegg for parts as i have never had a problem with them
  3. How would u like to have better gaming performance for less money :P
  4. looking at the board you suggest can it sli down the road? Also i have a 650w psu currently i don't need to buy one at this juncture till i get to the second wave of parts and purchase a second case. Also i was wondering i read that the the 460 with only 768 was mostly inferior to the 5770 am i wrong? I very much like the feedback please keep it coming everything said is taken into consideration.
  5. It is not SLI capable nor am i suggesting a multi GPU set up - just the best frames/$$ u can get now and upgrade to a better GPU as per the requirements of games tomorrow ^^
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